Harbor of action and research at sea

24 July/16 August Corridor PS _ Amsterdam

The Harbor of Action and Research at Sea is an initiative by Idées Clandestines in which Olivier Delebecque, Suzanne Bernhardt, Alonso Vazquez, Aude Christel Mgba and Ribal El Khatib unfold the topic of contemporary oceanic migration in relation to the sailing history of the Netherlands.

Harbor of Action and Research at Sea departs from a forgotten and illegal Dutch narrative of sailing migration: The Engelandvaarders. This was the name given to the Dutch who tried to reach England and free- dom during World War II. In September 1941, two brothers, Han and Willem Peteri, escaped from the occupied Netherlands in a self-built folding sailing-canoe, leaving from Katwijk aan Zee to reach England 5 days later. In 2020, the artists wonder: what can such a sailing passage reveal regarding the concept of Freedom of Movement?

The curator of this project is Aude Christel Mgba, an independent curator based in Amsterdam who was recently a participant of the
De Appel 2018/19 Curatorial Programme. She is co-curator of Sonsbeek 20-24, an international contemporary art exhibition in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Olivier Delebecque graduated from the Master of
Film at the Film Academy Amsterdam and his practice explores the relation between documentary film and visual arts. His work is based on symbolic journeys and potential voyages. Suzanne Bernhardt graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam with a focus on social sculpture. Just like the border between land and water, she hopes to create flexible and fluid situations in which we can explore new routes for our routines. Alonso Vazquez is a sound artist who graduated from the Studio for Immediate Spaces at Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam. His recent sound explorations dive between deep-long underwater field recordings and ambient sounds inspired by oceanic wild-life. He is the founder of Øceanic Sound Art a global community with a base in the outskirts of Vigo (ES). Ribal El Khatib is a photgrapher and 3D artist, stateless because coming from Palestine, he has asked for asylum in the Netherlands three years ago and still waiting for a regularization.

Harbour of Action and Research at Sea in Het Parool: De vrijheidsdrang van de vluchteling

Harbour of Action and Research at Sea by Lotte van Geijn’s Keer het Tij

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Sailing test_2020_Durgerdam.
Borderland_2020. By Suzanne Bernhardt (Camera work Olivier Delebecque)