Mare Liberum

Deelregeling Digitale cultuur / Stimuleringsfonds

…..within a near future and despite technological upgrading of borders at the edges of Europe, Fortress Europe continues to fail as an effective means of controlling irregular migration… ‘Mare Liberum’ will offer the multifaceted courses of a potential clandestine navigator

Documentary filmmaker and Sailor Olivier Delebecque receives a start-up grant for ‘Mare Liberum’. The project involves the development of a script for a documentary game that deals with the issue of migration at sea. The provisional title of the game is “The Freedom of the Seas” (Mare Liberum), named after the ship of the same name by the NGO that is committed to receiving migrants around the Greek island of Lesbos. The aim of the game is to communicate the complex problems and method of clandestine sailing and navigation in a communicative way. Delebecque wants to gather knowledge from (clandestine) sailors, artists, local residents and migrants and gain insight into tactical instruments and techniques in the field of marine navigation with minimal resources. In September 2020 Delebecque will reside at Mare Liberum on the island of Lesbos to investigate the subject.

The Stimulerings Fonds supports this project with a Deelregeling Digitale cultuur